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ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 13485 /

AS 9100 / AS 9120 ANAB Accredited Registration

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The following certifications may be in circulation. These certificates have not been maintained by the client so they are considered to be SUSPENDED.

AS 9100 (See OASIS)

The following certifications may be in circulation. These certificates have not been maintained by the client so they are considered to be INVALID.

(Notification will remain until certificate expiration)

ISO 9001:

​​​​​Triplett Aerospace Companies   Expires: October 14, 2021

​​Metso Minerals Canada, Inc.   Expires February 18, 2022

ACME Metal Spinning   Expires: May 15, 2022

​Precision Dynamics   Expires: September 19, 2022

ISO 14001:

None at this time.

AS 9100 (Withdrawn from OASIS)

​Simpson Performance   Expires: July 1, 2021

TROMTECH  Expires: July 22, 2021

​Machine Tool Supply:  Expires November 3, 2022


The following CONSULTANTS have expressed

an interest to be listed on our website.

If you would like your organization to be

listed, please send an email along with your information to SBARFOOT@ADVANTAGEREGISTRAR.COM.


provides this list for informational purposes only. Selection, use and results are strictly between you and the consulting organization.

Q3 Consulting LLC. (HQ VA, Services Global)
Contact: Zack Pierre, (661) 754-0668
Website: www.q3consultingllc.com
Email: info@q3consultingllc.com

IESO, L.L.C. (Midwest, KY, USA)
Contact: Keith Spencer 859-619-1741
Website: www.iesoehs.com
Email: kspenc@icloud.com

DET Ventures LLC (New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania)
Contact: Tom Errington, 732-892-1625
Website: www.detventures.com
Email: tferrington@detventures.com

Systematic Quality Management Systems, Inc. (Texas, USA)
Contact: Gina Berry, 972-444-2500 x1
Website: www.systematicqms.com
Email: ginaberry@systematicqms.com

4aBetterBusiness, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

Contact: Paul Vragel, 847-606-2605

Website: 4abetterbusiness.com

Email: pvragel@4abetterbusiness.com

simpleQue (Ohio/Florida/USA)
Contact: Barb Dodson, 866-827-0402
Website: simpleque.com
Email: info@simpleque.com

The Bluewater Group (Raleigh, NC)

Contact: Kathryn E. Roberts: 919-961-7951

Email: kroberts@thebluewatergroup.com

Core Business Solutions, Inc. (Hq. Pennsylvania, Services USA)
Contact: Drew Markley 570-428-5238
Email: drew.markley@thecoresolution.com

Innovative Quality Services, Co. (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Michael Mathe; 216 215-3772

Email: innquaserv@aol.com

Quality Auditing (Minneapolis, MN)
Contact: 612-208-7845
Email: customer.service@qualityauditing.com

Lean ISO Experts, Inc.​ (Florida, USA)

Contact: Gil Lugo, 954-224-5611

Email: Gil@LeanISOExperts.com

Aerospace Exports Incorporated (Southern California)
Contact: Mark Stevens, 562 299-3143
Email: mark.stevens@aerospaceexports.com

Progressive Integrated Systems, Inc. (Michigan, USA)

Contact: Elaine Pascoe, 248-860-7311

Email: epascoe945@aol.com

Pro Q.C. International (Tampa, FL / Global)

Contact: Dave Wyckoff, 813-252-4770
Email: dave_wyckoff@proqc.com

Geon Quality Solutions (East Liverpool, Ohio)
Contact: Donnie Geon, 330 932-6840
Email: dgeon513@gmail.com

Orion Canada Inc. (Ontario & Quebec)
Contact: Chris FitzGibbon; 613-563-9000
Website: www.orioncanada.com
Email: info@orioncanada.com

Q-Share LLC (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Godfrey Partridge; 828-774-0763

Email: qshare.qa@gmail.com

Praxiom Research Group Limited (Alberta, Canada)

Contact: Ron Krebs, 780-461-4514

Website: www.praxiom.com

Email: info@praxiom.com

QSE, Inc. (Georgia, USA)

Contact: Baskar Kotte, 866-577-4476

Website: www.enhancequality.com

Email: baskar@enhancequality.com

Shaffer Process Consulting (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: David Schaffer, 336-689-8625

Website: www.shafferprocessing.com

Email: david@shafferprocessing.com

Structure Group, LLC (Indiana, USA)

Contact: Jeff Stob, 317-223-6984

Website: www.structuregroupllc.com

Email: jeff.stob@structuregroup.com

NEVEN Corp (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Steven Lowrekovic, 440-838-1437

Email: nevenco@sbcglobal.net

Lauber Associates (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Andy Lauber, 919-614-1870

Email: andylauber9001@gmail.com

Solutions FYS (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Cathy Critz, 704-663-7633

Website: www.solutionsfys.com

Email: ccritz@solutionsfys.com

Forward Motion Associates (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Terry Krauss, 919-971-3201

Website: www.ForwardMotionAssociates.com

Email: terry@ForwardMotionAssociates.com

Carl Klein Consulting (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Carl Klein, 910-482-0842

Email: cklein@nc.rr.com

Piedmont Industry, LLC (Greensboro, NC)

Contact: Steve Swain; 336-669-5186

Website: www.Piedmontindustry.com

Email: steve@Piedmontindustry.com

Copeland Communications (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Alvin Copeland, 216-932-2247

Website: www.c-c-grp.com

Email: info@c-c-grp.com

QAS - Quality Auditing Services (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Maggie Jones, CQA, 419-277-0354

Website: www.quality-auditing.com

Email: mjones@quality-auditing.com

Yellow Umbrella Solutions (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Tom Banks, 937-416-2039

Website: www.4yus.com

Email: tbanks@4yus.com

Quality Business Experts, Inc. (South Carolina, USA)

Contact: Robert Jenkins, 803-496-0176

Website: www.qbexpertise.com

Email: qbexpert@qbexpertise.com

Quality Associates (South Carolina, USA)

Contact: Earl Bunch, 864-356-9804

Website: www.qualityassociatesofclemson.com

Email: eburch@innova.net

Optimus Prime Systems (Texas, USA)

Contact: Greg Lakics, 281-620-1032

Website: www.optimusprimesystems.com

Email: greg.lakics@optimusprimesystems.com

Emergo Group (Texas, USA)

Contact: Rene Van de Zande, 512-327-9997

Website: www.emergogroup.com

Email: RVZ@emergogroup.com

Urban Engineers, Inc. (Pennsylvania, USA)

Contact: Korin Giles, 877-840-9100

Website: www.urbanengineers.com

Email: kmgiles@urbanengineers.com

Gladhill Associates International (Arizona/Colorado, USA)

Contact: Burt Gold, 623-939-4412

Website: www.gladhillassociates.com

Emial: admin@gladhillassociates.com

Freer Consulting Company (Seatle, WA)

Contact: Mike Sipprell, 206-285-9041, Ext. 2

Website: www.freerconsulting.com

Email: mikes@freerconsulting.com

Mayo Consulting, Inc. (Quincy, MA)

Contact: Noel Gannon; 617-852-3015

Website: www.mayoconsult.com

Email: mayoconsult@comcast.net

eFortresses, Inc. (Missouri, USA)

Contact: John A. DiMaria; 678-923-3555

Website: www.efortresses.com

Email: jdimaria@efortresses.com

Uffen Management Systems & Support (Ontario, Canada)

Contact; E. J. (Ted) Uffen; 519-697-2023


IProcess Management Inc. (Vermont, USA)

Contact; Chris Shaw; 802-881-0000

Website: www.IProcessManager.com

Email: info@IProcessManager.com

Management Systems International, LLC (California, USA)

Contact: Elaine Johnson; 760-434-9141

Website: www.msi-international.com

Email: EJohnson@msi-international.com

Piedmont Industry, LLC (Greensboro, NC)

Contact: Steve Swain; 336-669-5168

Website: www.Piedmontindustry.com

Email: steve@Piedmontindustry.com

Questor Dynamic Solutions, Inc. (Ohio, USA)

Contact: Jane K. Wolfe; 419-566-4718

Email: jwolfe@neo.rr.com J

Carpenter & Associates, LLC (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: John Carpenter; 828-337-4857

Website: www.jcarpenterandassociates.com

Email: info@jcarpenterandassociates.com

Terry & Associates Quality Consulting, LLC (Virginia, USA)

Contact: Rondell Terry, 703-801-3673

Website: www.tnaqconsulting.webs.com

Email: rterry@tnaqconsulting.com

Amera-Veritas, Inc. (Florida/Washington, DC, USA)

Contact: Paul Kunder; 954-205-3668

Website: www.Amera-Veritas.com

Email: Paul.J.Kunder@gmail.com

Jnanakiran Quality Consulting (Tennessee, USA)

Contact: Abha Dastane-Rao; 931-668-2649

Website: www.solutionsfys.com

Email: a.dastanerao@gmail.com

DDN Management Solutions (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: Daniel D. Neal; 814-504-1099

Website: www.ddnmanagementsystems.com

Email: dneal@ddnlabs.com

Change Management Consulting (California, USA)

Contact: Don Steele

Website: www.cmc-changemanagement.com

Email: dsteele@cmc-chnagemanagement.com

Worldwide Quality Network, Inc. (California, USA)

Contact: Dan Urbaniak; 877-976-8632 (877-WQN-TODAY)

Website: www.wqntoday.com

Email: dan@wqntoday.com

Standards-Stores (USA) Contact:

Joe Pfankuch; 877-942-6572

Website: www.standards-stores.com

Email: jpfankuch@standards-stores.com

Export Solutions, Inc. (ITAR/EAR Consulting), (Florida, USA)

Contact: Tom Reynolds; 800-290-8705


Email: tomr@exportsolutionsinc.com

Uniz & Co. Div. of WTS Import/Export Training

and Consulting (Middlesex, NJ)

Tele: 1-800-631-3098

Website: www.unzco.com

Quality Blast Consulting (California, USA)

Contact: Miriam Moshoeshoe; 858-215-4945

Website: www.qualityblast.com

Email: qualityblast@gmail.com

NDW Associates (South Carolina, USA)

Contact: Noel D. Walter

Email: ndwassoc@earthlink.net

AQM Consulting and Auditing (USA)

Contact: Johan (Yanni) Barnard; 323-896-1803

Website: www.aqmauditing.com

Email: Yanni@aqmauditing.com

Mantrans Global Management Group, Inc. (North Carolina, USA)

Contact: John Maness; 704-222-6132

Email; johnmaness@mantransglobal.com

IRQS (California, USA)

Contact: 42-IRQS-llc.com

Website: www.irqs-llc.com

Email: gm@irqs-llc.com